Grower Profile - DiCiocco Farms

For more than five decades, the DiCiocco family has led the greenhouse industry in perfecting the art of growing consistent, premium hydroponic produce, and has provided consumers with the highest quality hydroponic produce available on the market.

Under the Sonny Brand label and Seven Seas label, which are known for quality and taste across North America, consumers enjoy premium hydroponic produce.

What makes DiCiocco farms unique is that they are not only the grower, but also pack and ship their high-quality produce on site allowing them to monitor all aspects of the growing, packing and shipping processes. Located in Leamington, Ontario, the "Tomato Capital of Canada", DiCiocco farms can reach most major markets overnight, providing their customers with the freshest hydroponic produce when they need it.

DiCiocco Farms also works hard to preserve our natural environment. Growing and packaging facilities were specially constructed to help preserve our natural ecosystem by:

  • Using Bumblebees for pollination and Lady Bugs for pest control, this eliminates the use of pesticides on our crops
  • Equipping their growing facilities with the latest technology to reduce the amount of fossil fuel being used, which helps more effectively manage the energy used which in turn helps protect the environment.

Additionally, DiCiocco Fams effectively practices water conservation and management by recycling the water used in their growing facilities. DiCiocco Farms believes in protecting the environment and these are just some of the ways they are doing our part!